Part One

"Why there were no pastors the first 150 years of the Church and not one in the Book of Acts"
 We used to proclaim "JESUS is LORD,"  but now we say "Pastor is Lord!"

Now for you real men that care for your flocks, and manage your churches according to the New  Testament, I thank God for you, and I am 100% for the Godly Shepherd, who gently leads, and does not drive sheep along.
Now, gentlemen we have a problem in the Independent Baptist movement.  You know that I am Independent.  This teaching about the modern day Pastor as it is today is unscriptural, and that's how this legalism got started in the Independent Baptist movement ( HEAR ME OUT).  I have counted the lost at the loss of many, but not if you really believe the Bible, or if you believe the traditions of men.  It's your choice.
These "so called" pastors or men of God are not above the laity, right?  I bet you're screaming "foul" already!  I thought that you  said that you was a Bible preacher?  Come on now, this is just a portion of my sermon.  Hang with me!  First of all:  No where in your KJV Bible, that you say you believe, will you find a Church  that was ruled by one man. NOWHERE!!!!!  (except by a rat in Third John)
Yet, today most churches are.  But, where in the Bible does it say that a church should be ruled by one man?
Do you know that there was only one church in the New Testament ruled by one man?  In Third John verse 9, Diotrephes, John said,  he threw people out of church and loved to have PREEMINENCE!
his had to be an Independent Baptist.
Oh I know your blood pressure is up, and you're mad!  But it's still the Bible that you profess to believe!  The word "pastor" is used with out end in THIS DAY!  But I guess you know it's only mentioned only one time in the New Testament in Ephesians 4:11
Oh,  by the way;  did Paul ever write in one single book to the pastor of one church?  Nod your pointed little Pharisee head! Or did he write to the ELDERS, not just to this one man system that we copied from the Catholics.  One pastor told me, "I am the head of this Church." Well excuse me!  I thought Paul said CHRIST was the Head!  Now Paul wrote to Bishops, Elders, and Overseers,  always plural, never to the Pastor at Galatia or Philippi.  You say, "Brother Johnny, you're the only one that believes this.  You're nuts!"  Your Scofield Bible, that you love and will stick by until you die, in his notes (Old Scofield, you know the kind the KJV people love, but don't know. ha ha ha) states, 'There is no instance of one elder in a local church.  Elders are made or set in the churches by the Holy Spirit (Acts 20:28).  At first they were ordained by an Apostle (Acts 14:23), but in Titus and 1 Timothy the qualifications of an elder became part of the Scriptures for the guidance of the churches." Read his footnotes.  You say, "He ain't inspired."  Neither are you, but you love Scofield!
Also, Scofield's notes on Third John "John says the aged Apostle had written to a Church which allowed one Diotrephes to exercise an authority common enough in later ages, but wholly new in the primitive churches.  Historically this letter marks the beginning of that clerical and priestly assumption over the Churches in which the Primitive Church order disappeared."
I declare to you that the first 150 of the church there was no such thing as the "one man rule all system."  Like it, lump it or jump it!
I'm reading your thoughts, "Well,  our pastor is not head of the Church, but a servant of the church"
See, whether he is a servant or not depends on the kind of man he is, not his position as pastor.
He can be a servant and serve his people without being in the elevated position of authority that exists today.
Do you see what's happened and why there is so much trouble in our ranks?  We have done something that GOD has not done.  We have elevated, and put pastors on a pedestal above God's dear children.
That why people like the Resaca management can lie and steal, and think they are right with God. Because they are above the people they will demonize anybody that tells them you do not rule over me big boy!
You know, God hates seeing his people put below a "so called" pastor that runs God's children away from church, telling them, "I am the boss, fire me if you don't like what I do,  and you better not question me or you will be Churched!  You say, "my pastor has an office of a  Bishop."  Hey silly!  So did Judas! So, what does that make you?  Also, Judas was a Bishop, but never pastored a church  (Acts 1:20)!

You probably will be mad, but it's not me you're mad at!  It's this Bible you say you believe!
Now, all your questions will be answered about the Bishops and Elders.  You say, "Johnny, you're gonna catch it!"  Hey, I ain't moving!  You said you believe the Bible.  That's junk!
Did you know that no preacher ever received a salary in the New Testament?  You really know the truth about this double honor business , but you just believe what you were told to believe by saying, "What ever you pay me, I'm worth double that." You are a hireling.
Yes, I do believe a man needs to have an income.  I'm not talking about this.  What I mean is that some Baptist CEOS rape the people of their money, and then tell them, "I am God's anointed. God will kill you if you don't take care of me, and you better not question it."
The anointing sermon brought all this on.  So many people are run by theses "one man show boaters,"
because they think there isn't anybody qualified but them.  They WILL qualify you if you let them.
I have been accused of everything except stealing a black baby and painting it white!  But, glory to God!  Not one accusation or accuser has come forth with any evidence.
So, pray for me as I pray for you as we tackle this subject with Bible Truth.  You will understand why we have proud haughty men in position as lords over God's children.

Gone to Florida Fishing

Brother  Johnny
P.S. Every question on this subject will be answered, but, can you handle the truth?
         DID Paul ever write to a Pastor and why is Pastor last  even behind evangelist Eph 4:11???
Oh I know your guru would never tell you who to associate with or what to wear or where to go and all the decisions are made of a plurality of godly men in the church, so this is not for you.  It's to help those folks that hear, "I have rule over you, I am going to give account for you, so you better do what I tell you, or  my church will break fellowship with you.  I run this church!"  Ever hear that?

Our Baptist churches can't preach against Masons and their Worshipful Masters.  We've got them too! We call them PASTORS!  Now, don't write me complaining.  You know I am not talking about all Pastors in general, but like the queer pastor said,  "I am God's anointed, I've got rule over you, I'm gonna give an account of your life, and you better not vote me out."  He didn't get that from the KJV.  He got it from the 2nd Book of Ignorance.
( I know that I repeated my self but repetition is the mother of all teaching)
( Part two Coming soon and I cannot wait)