The Mayor of New Orleans says lets make this city 1.Chocolate--- black People
The work will be done by 2. Caramel---Mexican People
All the work will be paid for by 3.Vanilla--- white working people
The great commission today is not the Great Commission that JESUS taught.  Selling pocket knives, coffee pots, underwear and ties BRINGS the great commission from each sale made from the suckers in these days.
Hey, you young idol worshipping Preachers!  The Apostle Paul said "be ye transformed by the RENEWING of your mind," not the REMOVING of your mind.  So you can preach
Some places I go they say we preach no DOCTRINE.  How stupid can you be: Hell is a doctrine!  The Blood of Christ is a doctrine!  When you get saved, you will preach DOCTRINE!!  P.S. Baptist is not a denomination but a DOCTRINE! AMEN.
Seminaries are turning out Preachers like a Baloney factory. 
All The same size and all stuffed with the same thing.

When people say, "Johnny, What kind of Baptist are you?  Southern, Independent or Free Will?"  I say, "I am proud to be a FREE MEAL Baptist!"

Remember this: Never defend yourself because, your real friends will never believe anything bad about you, and your enemies will never believe anything good about you!!!!

Young preachers, you better listen!  Just because you're told to preach whatever God leads you to, or preach what our Church needs to help us, you'll learn that's just Fundamental gibberish!  You had better     count the cost for preaching the truth!  Like the Apostle Paul said in Galatians 4:15-16,  you would have plucked out your own eyes and given them to me but now,  (v.16) I am your enemy because I tell you the truth.

I'm asked all the time, "Brother Johnny, what CAMP are you in?"  Well, I'm in the CAMP of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost!  A-M-E-N!!!
Hearing a pastor that I was visiting with tell a man that in John 3:16 to take "whosoever" out, and put in his name.  I thought,  I am glad that its says "whosever," and not Johnny Campbell, because I know of four preachers who are named Johnny Campbell.  I'd be worried that I might not be the right Johnny.  So, I am "whosoever!"  Leave John 3:16 alone!
Some preachers preach for free and they are worth every penny of it.

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